Scientific-research Projects

The Department of Geography, within its basic activity and mission – education of students, also performs very intensive scientific-research work. The scientific-research activity of the Department of Geography was mostly realized at the level of individual research work of members of the academic staff or within a number of projects that were realized within various geographical scientific fields. By analyzing the available data, the largest number of scientific researches was realized within scientific research projects which, with the financial support of the wider social community, were organized by the Geographical Institute of the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo. Among the most significant projects and studies are: Geological study of the Krupa cave near Gornji Vakuf (Mehmed Ramović, 1972), Complex speleological research of the Krupa – Vranica cave system in the area of Gornji Vakuf (Ratomir Gašparović, 1973), Geomorphological map of the SR Bosnia and Herzegovina with manual in the scale of 1: 100000 (Ibrahim Bušatlija, 1975), Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Miloš Bjelovitić et al., 1975), Metallogeny of Mesozoic dolomites in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mehmed Ramović, 1976), Hydrographic, geomorphological and recent morphological processes in the Vrbas valley – problems of urbanization and soil erosion (Orhan Zubčević et al., 1976), X-ray examination of mineral associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Fabijan Trubelja).

After the closure of the Institute, the project implementation of scientific research was organized at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo, which has also successfully implemented a large number of scientific-research projects.

Scientific-research work has been intensified during the last few years, where teachers and associates of the Department of Geography, as well as the Faculty of Science, participated in the preparation and implementation of projects and studies. More about the research work and the recent projects, is available on this and other web pages of the Department of Geography.