Project “Attraction basis of selected mountain areas in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a basis for the development of ecotourism”

During 2019, the research team of the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Sciences realized the scientific research project “Attraction basis of selected mountain areas in FBiH as a basis for the development of ecotourism”, funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Education. This project was focused on the analysis of tourist potentials of selected mountain areas: Bjelašnica with Igman, Jahorina with Trebević, the mountain system Prenj – Čvrsnica – Čabulja, Vlašić and the Vranicamassif. The spatial coverage of the researched mountain areas is defined according to adequate spatial planning solutions, contained in the draft spatial plan of the Federation of BiH.

These mountain areas, Bjelašnica with Igman, Jahorina with Trebević(in the part belonging to the FBiH) are recognized and explored as areas that are traditionally known for winter mountain tourism, among other things, thanks to the XIV Olympic Games held in 1984. However, within the mentioned mountain massifs, there are other significant elements of natural and cultural-historical heritage that need to be further explored and included in the complementary ecotourism offer.

The massifs of the mountain system Prenj – Čvrsnica – Čabulja have exceptional natural predispositions for the development of various forms of sports-recreational and eco-tourism, as well as various forms of hiking, mountain biking, adrenaline-adventure tourism, etc. The mountain beltVranica has been explored as a mountainous area with all the natural benefits for the development of eco-tourism, which, due to various factors, have not been significantly valorized for tourism purposes so far. Vlašić Mountain has been explored as one of the recent centers of mountain tourism, which has significant natural geographical potentials for further improvement of the existing tourist offer, especially in the field of eco-tourism.

More information about the project is available on the following link.