Subdepartment of Geology

The beginnings of scientific research at the Subdepartment of Geology date back to 1950 at the Faculty of Philosophy. Since 1960, this teaching-scientific department will continue its work within the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Science, which becomes an independent educational institution separated from the Faculty of Philosophy.

Geology is the science of the origin, development, structure, composition and dynamics of the Earth.

Based on the subjects and topics of geological studies within the Department, the scientific research work was realized within the courses General Geology, Petrography with Mineralogy, Mineralogy with Crystallography and Paleogeography.

Geological studies cover numerous activities, from exploration and study of the composition and structure of the Earth’s crust, through the study of occurrences and deposits of mineral resources, groundwater, geothermal energy, to the exploration of geological features of the terrain for the purposes of spatial planning and protection of natural resources and rare deposits of fossils, minerals, rocks et al.

Significant engagement of teachers within the Department of Geology has been achieved through the implementation of scientific research projects of detailed geological research, studies in the field of geology, reports on mineralogical-petrographic examinations, as well as audits of projects and studies that are of scientific and primarily applied character.

Geological studies are applied in various branches of economy and industry (in mining, construction, energy, water management, agriculture, forestry, etc.), and in general the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the aspect of testing the structure and composition of different rocks, minerals, mineral exploration and exploration. raw materials, then economic evaluations of mineral resources, all the way to the protection of geological heritage, the revitalization of space and the resolution of geohazard problems.

Head of the Department of Geology: Dr.sci. Mevlida Operta, Full Professor
Contact phone: +387 33 723 754
Cabinet number: 406/IV