Dejan Nemčić’s lecture – ‘Hakuna matata – from a trip to Africa to the eighth continent’

In organization of the Faculty of Science, Geographical Society in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and HKD Napredak, a lecture was held by a guest from Croatia, Dejan Nemčić, on the topic ‘Hakuna matata – from a trip to Africa to the eighth continent ‘ on Tuesday, May 14th 2019. This master of science and teacher of geography in a Zagreb school is known to the general public primarily for his humanitarian work and motivational speeches, which he has given on numerous occasions, and thus did much to popularize geography as a science and school subject, and raise awareness of some the burning problems of modern humanity, all of which have a geographical dimension.

The lecture that the distinguished guest held on this occasion in front of the almost full amphitheater ‘Mladen Deželić’, which is part of the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo, was based on his previous experiences, both in teaching geography and from his numerous trips. Special attention is paid to the innovative teaching project ‘Live from all continents’, which enables students to travel virtually all over the world, and whose value is recognized beyond geographical circles. In addition, a significant part of the presentation focused on the lecturer’s experiences from his humanitarian work in Africa.

Despite bad weather conditions and the unusual lecture time (starting at 18:00),  more than a hundred guests attended, most of whom were geography students, for whom this lecture was primarily intended. The event ended with a thunderous applause, and those present expressed great enthusiasm for what they could hear during this, for the university level, unusual lecture.