Scientific Colloquium

Chairman of Scientific Colloquium: Prof.dr. Almasa Odžak

Why study at the Department of Mathematics?

Mathematics as a scientific discipline acts fascinating and is positioned on the top of the pyramid of knowledge. It is a set of ideas that are themselves beautiful enough to engross human attention. It is impossible to imagine any serious scientific discipline without mathematics.

Mathematics occupies a very important place in modern science in which very complex and difficult problems are often solved by reducing them to the mathematical expressions, formulas and equations whose resolution can come up with solutions.

Job opportunities for graduates of the Department of Mathematics are numerous, so that almost all the students immediately after graduation quickly find employment. The best students are offered positions at the Faculty. Students whose major is in mathematical education and teaching easily find employment as teachers or professors of mathematics and / or computer science in primary and secondary schools, and students of other majors are offered a number of places outside educational sector, such as: banks, software engineering house..

Mathematicians and computer scientists are among rare experts who have no problem to find a suitable job.