Subdepartment of Regional Geography

In accordance with the already established teaching concept of the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo, the organization of the teaching process is realized through various teaching – scientific subjects, which are grouped into departments. Teachers and associates of the Department of Regional Geography have continued their studies on many aspects of particular parts of the Earth’s surface, region or smaller spatial units, separated by homogeneous features. Regional-geographic studies have a basis in the study of the spatial reality of the Earth’s surface, that is, the characteristics of the natural environment, socio-economic processes and cultural superstructure, composed of spatially different and time-varying individual entities or geographical areas. Considering the subject and object of regional-geographical studies, within the Chair, scientific-research work is realized through the following subjects:

• Geographical regionalization,
• Regional Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
• Regional geography of Europe,
• Regional geography of non-European continents,
• Contemporary problems of regional development in the world,
• Geography and globalization.

With the introduction of the Bologna Principle of Study and new study orientations in the Department of Geography, the number of courses, and related scientific research, is increasing within the Department of Regional Geography. At the same time, there is an intensive scientific and professional engagement of teachers and associates in acquaintance with all contemporary theoretical methods of regional geographic studies and insights and their practical application.

The special contribution of the engagement of scientific and professional staff within the Chair is evident through the realization of a number of scientific and research projects that had both theoretical and applied character. Specialized component scientific regional geographic studies have the potential for their application in various fields of economy and society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the aspect of identification, valorisation and revitalization of our country’s resources.

Head of the Department of Regional Geography: Dr.sci. Senada Nezirovic, Associate Professor
Contact phone: +387 33 723 707
Cabinet number: 522/V