Subdepartment of Physical Geography

Although the Department of Geography was established in 1950 as one of six departments of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, a new qualitative step in the institutional organization of geographers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the formation of the Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo, 1960. and the Department of Geography within this faculty. The organization of the teaching process is realized through various teaching – scientific subjects, which are grouped into the departments of: geology, physical, social and regional geography and cabinet for teaching geography.

Since that time, in parallel with the basic educational mission, teachers and associates of the Department of Physical Geography have continued and intensified their scientific and research work on component and complex geographical study of space.
Physical-geographical studies have a basis in the study of natural laws and laws, their structure, process and stage of development. These studies are based on teachings, first of all about geocomponents and geospheres, then geosystems and geocomplexes. Considering the subject and object of physical – geographical studies, within the Chair, scientific – research work was realized through the following subjects: Mathematical Geography, Geomorphology, Hydrography, Climatology with Meteorology, Biogeography, Pedogeography.

Since the academic year 2005/2006. With the introduction of the Bologna principle of study and new study orientations in the Department of Geography, the number of teaching subjects, and in connection with this scientific research, within this Chair is increasing primarily in applied physical geography.

At the same time, intensive scientific and professional engagement is intensified. teachers and associates on the introduction to all modern theoretical methods of physical geographic studies and insights, and their practical application. The special contribution of the engagement of scientific and professional staff within the Chair is evident through the realization of a number of scientific and research projects that had both theoretical and applied character. Specialized component scientific physical geographic studies have the potential for their application in various fields of economy and in general development of society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the aspect of identification, valorisation and revitalization of our country’s natural resources, as well as their protection.

Head of the Department of Physical Geography: Dr.sci. Aida Korjenić, Associate Professor
Contact phone: +387 33 723 731
Cabinet number: 406/IV