Tuesday, March 31.2020
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The Nineteenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications
( 20-25 July, 2020 University of Sarajevo)


The purpose of the conference is to bring together people from all branches of mathematics and science with interests in recurrence sequences, their applications and generalizations, and other special number sequences. For the conference proceedings, manuscripts that include new, unpublished results (or new proofs of known theorems) will be considered.
Please click here to register for the conference; if you wish to submit an abstract for consideration you can do so there. Decisions will be made by May 1, though later submissions will be considered on a rolling basis. For more information email fibconf@gmail.com.


Thomas Martinez (Harvey Mudd College)     tmartinez@g.hmc.edu
Steven Joel Miller (Williams College)             sjm1@williams.edu
Lejla Smajlović (University of Sarajevo)         lejla.smajlovic@efsa.unsa.ba
Zenan Šabanac (University of Sarajevo)        zsabanac@pmf.unsa.ba
Lamija Šćeta (University of Sarajevo)             lamija.sceta@efsa.unsa.ba







University of Sarajevo
Journal of Number Theory
The Fibonacci Association
School of Economics and Business
Grad Sarajevo


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